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The hill tribes living in Thailand

This book offers an excellent introduction to the diverse ways of life of the six main minority groups living in Thailand (Akha, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Hmong, Yao), and of the Padong, a Karen sub-group much featured on tourist trails. The book is thorough without being exhaustive or exhausting, and integrates the more picturesque details into a solid understanding of customs and values. The author has researched his facts and figures carefully, but he has also experienced the realities of hill tribe life, seeking to understand it from the inside rather than merely documenting its surfaces. The presentation of the text is deliberately neutral in tone, but the photographs reveal an affection and respect for his subject.

A5 - 148 pages - 184 color pictures and maps

Auteur : Emmanuel Pervé

Prix : 920 Bahts

Délais de livraison: 10 jours.

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